uninterruptible power supply

Providers of Rugged UPS Solutions for Defence, Marine, Industrial and Transport Applications

Does your critical equipment operate in a harsh environment?

Here are some of the reasons why so many satisfied customers – including blue chip companies such as BAE Systems, Siemens and GE – choose AMP Power Protection as their power protection partner.

25+ Years of experience of supplying Rugged UPS and Custom UPS for the Defence, Marine, Industrial and Transport Sectors

Our equipment is installed on Aircraft Carriers, Water Treatment Plants, Railway lines, Road intersections, Army field deployments, remote communications stations – and protects critical equipment such as Dynamic Positioning, Radar, pumping stations, Ultraviolet filters, infield communications, platform management systems, PLC & SCADA. 

Finding the right UPS solution

We will find the right solution for your needs, from:

  • Standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)
  • Modified / Ruggedised versions of COTS (MOTS)
  • Replacement Form-Fit-Function
  • Up to fully Custom built, Ruggedised UPS to meet the highest standard

Multi-brand Experts

We are resellers and power partners for over 20 OEM suppliers of UPS, Batteries, Inverters, Converters, Rectifiers.

Certified power partners of Eaton and APC by Schneider Electric.

We offer a complete turnkey system solution

Our experienced, project driven engineers can deliver your entire power protection strategy, from:  Design, Type Test, Manufacture, 3D/2D CAD,     ISO9001 Quality & Project Management –  to Documentation, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning, Support-ILS-CLS & 24-7 Maintenance

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uninterruptible power supply
uninterruptible power supply
uninterruptible power supply
uninterruptible power supply


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