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AMP Power Protection manufacture a range of enclosures (Industrial Power Solutions) that have a higher ingress protection of up to IP54 / 55 which enables standard UPS to be installed within industrial environments which are dirty, damp and/or dusty which would not be suitable for most electrical equipment. This makes the total solution more cost effective yet offers many years of critical back up power.

uninterruptible power supply

IP21 UPS Systems

AMP Power Protection can manufacture UPS systems up to IP55

The most common standard we build to is IP54 but occasionally the customer will only require an IP20 or IP21 UPS system.

The first figure being Intrusion Protection and the second figure Moisture Protection.

IP 54 = Protected against dust that may harm equipment | Protected against water spray from all directions.

IP20/21 = Protection against fingers or other object not greater than 80mm in length and 12mm in diameter | No protection or Protection against condensation.


  • Manual maintenance bypass switch
  • SNMP alarm card
  • WIMES 3.07
uninterruptible power supply

HPU-I-XXXX | Integrated IP54 UPS systems | 3kVA – 300kVA

AMP Power Protection manufacture a full integrated UPS system in free standing IP54 enclosures suitable for end applications such as SCADA, PLC, ICA, MCC, pumps, actuators, motors, UV systems and security.  Space Saving Design, Back to Wall Installation for easy access for maintenance.


  • 3kVA – 300kVA UPS
  • Single phase (up to 20KVA) or three phase
  • Extended battery runtimes using VRLA, NiCAD & Li-Ion
  • Thermostat/heater/filters/fans optional
  • Input/output isolation transformers or 110VAC output
  • Alarm Contacts / SNMP / Visual Displays

WIMES 3.07 Compliant | Tested to BS EN60529, 1992, IPX4 & IP5X.

uninterruptible power supply

Integrated IP54 UPS Systems

HPU-I-XXXX | Fully protected and integrated IP54/IP55 WIMES 3.07 compliant UPS systemsTested to BS EN60529, 1992, IPX4 (Protection against SPLASHING WATER) & IP5X (Protection against Solid Foreign Objects, DUST Protected).

True on-line double conversion IP54 protected UPS system (IP55 Available for outside installation) with internal static and manual bypasss (option)


  • 3kVA – 300kVA
  • Autonomy – As required (Additional Battery Enclosures)
  • Floor enclosures, Back to Wall Installation, Easy to Maiantain (UPS on Runners)
  • Battery: We upgrade to 10 year Design Life, longer service life in harsher condistions
  • WIMES 3.07 compliant
  • Choice of Alarm contacts, SNMP, visual displays
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