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AMP Power Protection provide many harsh environment power solutions suitable for Rail (Level Crossings / Signalling) and Road applications (Traffic lights / CCTV) modular solutions for on site redundancy and fast time to repair. Full outdoor IP rated integrated solutions.

uninterruptible power supply


Harland ProtectUPS® – Rail/Light Rail

AMP Power Protection manufactures a modular UPS system rated up to a maximum output of 5.4kW (230VAC).

This system can be delivered pre-wired and fitted in a 9U chassis or as loose modules for fitting within an existing 19” rack. Designed for flexibility in configuration allowing the user to select and fit the correct number of modules for the load and battery recharge (if battery fitted). High reliability and proven design to support critical AC loads.


  • Harland ProtectUPS® – Rail/Light Rail
  • Flexible configuration i.e. N+1
  • Max. 3 x 1.5kW DC/AC inverters (5.4kW)
  • 9U space (other options available)
  • 230 VAC single phase (other voltages available)
  • Max. 4 x 2kW AC/DC rectifiers to support load & recharge
  • PADS approved rectifiers and inverters
uninterruptible power supply


Modular 10U 110VAC I/O Prewired UPS system

AMP Power Protection has designed and manufactured a fully integrated 110VAC UPS system which enables the customer to fit the required number of modules to support the load and provide the sufficient battery recharge current as required.

Designed with ease of maintenance in mind the modules can be replaced quickly in the event of any failure without disruption to the load. One design and several power options available from 1 kW to 6 kW and also available as 230VAC single phase and three phase systems. External batteries can be fitted to support the customers critical load for a defined backup period in the event of mains failure.


  • 10U x 500 mm W x 400 mm D chassis
  • 7.5kVA/6 kW maximum output power
  • 110VAC input – other voltages available
  • Optional configurations i.e. N+1
  • Prewired rack ready for modules
  • SNMP/VFC contact alarms
  • Battery monitoring options
  • High efficiency – up to 95%
  • External battery (48VDC Bus) – other voltages available
  • Network Rail approval pending
uninterruptible power supply


Modular Integrated/Loose Single/Three Phase UPS

AMP Power Protection has designed and manufactured a fully integrated prewired open rack UPS complete with enclosure or with options for the customer to install in its own enclosure (REB) for either outdoor or indoor sites.

The HPU-T-XXX-15kW can also be supplied in an enclosure suitable for the environment. Additional rack mounted power modules can be added for higher powered applications. Designed for ease of maintenance and high MTBF (reliable) modules. For critical equipment back up with full system information available i.e. alarms and remote monitoring controllers.


  • Fully configrable to meet customer’s load
  • Delivered prewired
  • 1ph/1ph or 3ph/3ph
  • Configurable alarms
  • Bulk AC connections
  • Optional display module (local)
  • High reliability/mean time to repair
  • Double racks = 30kW for increased capacity
  • External 48VDC battery (other voltages available)
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