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AMP Power Protection is an independent supplier of standard OEM UPS and a leading UK manufacturer of rugged & customised UPS systems built into rugged protected enclosures to provide uninterruptible protected power in harsh environments.

Harland ProtectUPS Range 

The Harland ProtectUPS® is a range of rugged power protection systems that are designed and manufactured to provide uninterrupted power to protect critical equipment applications in harsh conditions.

Models vary according to the end application and are available from 1 – 800 kVA with many specific options:
• Harland ProtectUPS® – Defence. Rugged case mounted AC UPS suitable for field operation
• Harland ProtectUPS® – Industrial. Integrated high IP enclosure mounted AC & DC UPS
• Harland ProtectUPS® – Marine. Marinised IP enclosure with AVM and integrated distribution
• Harland ProtectUPS® – Transport. Rugged integrated AC & DC UPS for road and rail

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Single Phase UPS Products 

Offline, line interactive and online solutions offering 230 vAC single and parallel systems. Available in tower or 19” rack configurations. World leading OEM’s: Enersys, SE-APC, CE+T, Eltek, Vertiv, Eaton, ABB and Riello. 

Three Phase UPS Products

 3:1 & 3:3 online solutions offering 230 vAC single and parallel systems. Available in tower, 19” rack or modular configurations. World leading OEM’s: SE-APC, CE+T, Eltek, Vertiv, Eaton, Riello, BPC and Tripp Lite. 

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We supply many types of batteries. As an independent supplier we will ensure the battery type & technology selected are suitable for your application or meets your requirements. 

  • Form | Fit | Function
  • Suitable for different Temperature Ranges 
  • Technologies (VRLA/GEL/Pure Lead/NiCD/Lithium
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Extended Runtime Battery Solutions

AMP Power Protection offers a comprehensive range of extended runtime battery solutions up to 24 hours.

  • Loose battery modular system
  • 19” rack mounting trays
  • 19” complete enclosure systems
  • 5, 10 and 20 year battery life
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Marine AC and DC Power Solutions

AMP Power Protection can supply a wide range of single and three phase rugged marine certified power solutions.

  • Single and three phase marine AC UPS
  • Custom DC UPS solutions
  • DC trippers, chargers, inverters and power supplies
  • Customised rugged products – Harland ProtectUPS®
  • Certification to Lloyd’s, DNV or ABS
  • AVM and high IP rating
  • 110vAC up to 690vAC
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DC Products

AMP Power Protection offers a comprehensive range of DC power protection products.

  • Trippers (DCT range) – 24 v to 110 v, 1 – 50 A loads
  • Chargers (DCC range) – single or three phase, 1 – 50 A loads
  • Power supplies (DCP range) – 10 w – 5 kW
  • DC UPS (DCU range) – 12 v – 270 v, several hours
  • DC rectifiers – 12, 24 and 48 vDC modular power systems
  • DC – AC industrial single/three phase modular inverters
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Maintenance, Service and Disposal

AMP Power Protection offers high class service solutions throughout the UK.

  • UPS and generator maintenance contracts
  • Electrical installation
  • Battery replacements
  • Relocation and expansion
  • Disposal to COSHH regulations

All our engineers are factory trained with the backing of ISO:9001: 2015 approval.

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