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UPS Repair & Maintenance

Ensuring your UPS will protect your critical equipment

UPS Repair & Maintenance | Our service and maintenance products offer complete and customisable pre and post sales service support which alongside standard warranties will ensure total protection for critical equipment.

A UPS relies on various technologies from detailed electronics through to the simple fan. All of these require maintenance to ensure your UPS continues to supply the uninterrupted power you need. Failure of your UPS can be critical – shutting down a department or the entire business. With engineers based all over the country the response time to failures can be guaranteed as low as 4 clock hours.

As well as standard options we can adapt our service plans to meet your specific application. Choose from a range of standard plans covering preventive maintenance through to 24hrs, 365 days a year, guaranteed response contracts. Ensuring that your UPS is regularly maintained is vital.

UPS Repair

Our experienced team of UPS engineers will ensure that from initial evaluation through to complete repair you are provided with a quality service. As an independent service team we can provide repair service for most makes of UPS.

Supported by some of the largest UPS manufacturers in the country we can provide a quick and hassle free fix. All repairs and parts are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Battery Service

In most cases your UPS will be powered by batteries during a utility failure and therefore imperative that you are confident that your batteries will perform when required.

All batteries have a design life although our experience has taught us that there are a number of key factors which will determine the actual life of your battery system. Heat, cold, incorrect charging and a lack of “exercising” can all reduce a batteries lifetime.

To help you ensure you are getting the most from your batteries, AMP Power Protection will check and “exercise” your battery system as part of our standard UPS service and maintenance contract.

Read this brochure on Battery Safe Working Practices.

Electrical Installation

Using qualified and experienced electrical engineers AMP Power Protection can provide a complete range of electrical services from complete computer room installations through to disconnection and make safe.

Working closely with our clients we can provide expert advice, design and practical skills which will allow you to build a system that meets your needs and budget. All electrical work is performed and installed in accordance with the 16th Edition IEE Regulations.

Generator Installation

Along with our comprehensive range of UPS solutions AMP Power Protection can provide support for your generator installation:

  • Installation & commissioning
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Relocation
  • Re fuelling
  • Emergency Call Out

All service is provided by experienced staff that will provide you with confidence and assurance.


In today’s world, although necessary, disposing of old power equipment can be quite a task. A number of criteria have to be met to ensure disposal is safe and environmentally sound.

To help take the hassle out of this task AMP Power Protection can provide the complete solution and will arrange to collect, administer and dispose of your old equipment meeting all the relevant safety and environmental legislation.

AMP Power Protection Ltd is registered as a Producer of Industrial batteries on the NPWD database. Registration number: NPWD294743.

Read our Take Back Letter.

Relocation and Expansion

Successful businesses do not stand still, relocation and restructuring has become a part of business life. As part of that process, Managers may decide it viable and prudent to utilise any current UPS resource.

AMP Power Protection have a team of project and service Engineers on hand to provide you with real solutions to your relocation and expansion issues. No matter the scale, our experience has placed us as a leader in relocation and expansion management. From initial consultation and site survey, through to decommissioning, specialist shipment and electrical installation, your Project Engineer will get you where you need to be.

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