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Utilising COTS UPS, where possible, AMP Power Protection specialise in manufacturing of UPS systems which are designed in accordance with the relevant marine approval body such as Lloyd’s & DNV. Choice of input / output AC voltages, power ratings and autonomies along with other options such as earth leakage detection. All integrated within an enclosure of varying IP in accordance where the UPS will be installed.

Download the Marine ProtectUPS® Brochure.

HPU – ECO – Integrated UPS System

ECO IP23 Marine UPS

An IP23 integrated marine UPS system offering comprehensive power protection and battery backup for a range of marine based applications. The ECO is a fully integrated UPS solution which uses COTS AC UPS installed into an IP23 steel enclosure with anti-vibration mounts, along with battery packs designed for front access for ease of maintenance.  Power ratings (temperature dependent) 2KVA / 4KVA / 6KVA, single phase Input (via Isolation TX) 220 – 240 VAC Output.  Choice of distribution, relay contacts, input / output bypass fitted as standard.

HPU-MTA-XX – Integrated UPS System

Marine Type Approved – DNV – GL Certified – UK manufactured. An IP54 integrated marine UPS system offering comprehensive power protection and battery backup for a range of marine based applications. The MT-A is a fully integrated UPS solution utilising a COTS AC UPS installed into an IP54 steel enclosure with sliding battery trays for ease of maintenance and anti-vibration mounts, input, output, bypass transformers certified by DNV-GL but also in complaince with Lloyds certification. Designed for front access, back to wall installation – Space Saving Design

HPU-M-XXXX – Integrated UPS Systems

HPU-M-0005/0006/0008 – 11kVA and HPU-M-0009 – 8kVA Power Modules. AMP Power Protection design and manufacture an extensive range of rugged, space saving, easy to maintain AC UPS systems for critical on-shore and off-shore applications.

We utilise COTS AC UPS module and integrate it into a well designed, protected IP54 enclosure system offering the end user a quality, rugged, long life UPS system to provide protected power for their critical loads. Utilising COTS equipment future proofs the design (long service support) so in the future the Power Module (UPS) could be replaced by a form-fit-function replacement.

All critical components i.e. UPS modules & Battery Trays are installed on runners & integrated into the IP54 enclosure for ease of maintenance. 10 Year Design Life batteries to support the load for 30 Minutes Autonomy

HPU-M-XXXX – Integrated UPS Systems

Manufactured to IACS-E10 standardsThis unit varies from 3kVA to 15kVA power modules on sliding shelves with battery runtimes ranging from 30 to 50 minutes built into IP rated steel enclosures with added AVM’s (Anti-Vibration Mounts), fans, transformer and distribution.

Depending on the customer’s requirements and the end application dimensions of the enclosures vary from typically our tall (1000mm W x 2200mm H) to our short (1400 mm W x 1200mm H) enclosures which are often retrofitted in design to fit exactly into the customer’s space left by the removal of the old UPS systems.

HPU-M-0001 (Citadel2)

Secure DC Power for Anti-Piracy Emergency Communication

The HPU-M-0001 DC UPS provides 72 hours of independent battery back-up power to protect the Citadel system and exceeds NATO guidelines.

The Citadel2 UPS is based on proven high quality longlife and maintenance free components specifically selected to be suitable for marine rugged and harsh environment applications.

The Citadel2 now comes with the higher standard Lead Crystal® battery, proven to outperform any lead acid or gel battery.

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