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Citadel UPS: Our Marine UPS Solution Helping Protect Vessels From Pirates

Citadel UPS: Our Marine UPS solution helping protect vessels from Pirates

Citadel UPS: The AMP Power Protection solution helping protect vessels from Pirates

Citadel UPS – Secure DC Power for Anti-Piracy Emergency Communication

Citadel UPS AMP Power Protection
The Citadel UPS

The AMP Power Protection Citadel UPS is helping protect vessels and their crew from the threat of modern piracy.

A ship’s Citadel is a safe room where the crew of the ship can hide in case there is a pirate attack on the ship or when the pirates are aboard the ship. In recent times, the usage and incorporation of the citadel method in ships to protect the ship’s crew against maritime piracy has increased. The citadel anti-piracy method is strongly recommended to be installed in ships as per the regulations of the International Maritime Security Centre.

Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Network (BSN) came to AMP Power Protection looking for a marine UPS solution to support their Citadel Safe-Room Iridium/GPS Communications system to protect vessels against the threat of modern piracy.

The AMP solution is a 24VDC UPS in a rugged IP45 enclosure and built to exceed NATO 72 hour requirements. Over 200 of these units have been sold and installed within ‘safe rooms’ built into armoured areas on ships now cruising the world’s oceans.

Crews on board any ship with a Citadel UPS solution can be reassured that should they be met with pirates, a fast and successful rescue is only a few hours away, alleviating any drawn out hostage situation.

AMP Power Protection Citadel UPSSpecifications:

  • DC UPS provides 72 hours of independent battery back-up power to protect the Citadel system and exceeds NATO guidelines.
  • The Citadel2 UPS is based on proven high quality longlife and maintenance free components specifically selected to be suitable for marine rugged and harsh environment applications.
  • The Citadel2 comes with higher performance Lead acid battery

Rugged IP55 enclosure | 55 hour talk/100 hour standby | 10 year life high performance VRLA Batteries | Surge protection

About AMP Power Protection

AMP Power Protection specialise in the manufacturing of marine UPS systems which are designed in accordance with the relevant marine approval body such as Lloyd’s & DNV. We can custom design and manufacture rugged UPS systems to meet with customers issued specifications – tested to exactly meet your requirements.

Choice of input / output AC voltages, power ratings and autonomies along with other options such as earth leakage detection. All integrated within an enclosure of varying IP in accordance where the UPS will be installed.

Find out more about our marine UPS options here:

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