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Why A UPS Is Critical For Operation Of Drilling Systems | Oil And Gas UPS

Why a UPS is critical for operation of drilling systems | Oil and Gas UPS

AMP Power Protection – designing and supply Marine certified UPS Systems to support drilling equipment on-board exploration vessels.

A drillship is a merchant vessel with an adapted hull to allow deployment of the drill through the hull and designed for use in exploratory offshore drilling of new oil and gas wells or for scientific drilling purposes.

These vessels are equipped with the latest and most advanced AC drilling drives powering applications for top drives, pumps and winches.
The high degree of automation of the control system situated on the drill floor ensures safe operation and consistent performance however in the event of power failure to the drilling drives then an uninterruptible power back-up system is critical.

The Marine UPS consisting of batteries immediately kicks-in to provide continuous and uninterrupted power until regular power is restored ensuring that there is no interruption to operations.

AMP Power Protection has designed and supplied a number of Harland ProtectUPS® – Marine ABS and DNV certified UPS systems to support drilling equipment on-board exploration vessels.

These systems comprise of a standard COTS AC UPS on runners integrated into an IP54 steel enclosure with sliding battery trays for easy access and anti-vibration mounts, cooling fans and 10 year long-life batteries to ensure longevity of the systems.

Its integrated energy management capability assures reliable power supply and energy distribution in every situation, backed-up by a reliable rugged Harland ProtectUPS® – Marine UPS system.

The NEW Harland ProtectUPS® – MTA (DNV-GL) range of marine type approved DNV-GL certified IP54 integrated UPS systems offer comprehensive power protection and battery backup for a range of marine based applications including support for drillship Integrated Platform Management Systems.

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